Customs clearance agent

Relations with customs are an integral part of the work of any enterprise engaged in foreign economic activity. As a rule, solving various issues with customs requires a lot of time, special knowledge and skills. And here, any company is ready to help out an agent for customs clearance of goods. You can order his services online on this website right now.

Why do you need a customs clearance agent?

As practice shows, in the process of customs clearance of cargo, problems often arise that need to be quickly resolved. And then the business owner starts to get nervous and, importantly, lose money. In order to avoid these delays and unpleasant moments, it is definitely worth contacting a specialized specialist – a customs clearance agent, who will be promptly sent to you by PE “Persha Brokerska Kompaniya”.

So, the customs agent is ready to do many important and necessary tasks for you during customs clearance:

  • calculation of the cost of customs clearance;
  • registration of goods and transport documents;
  • execution and receipt of documents for permission;
  • detailed description of the goods in the customs declaration;
  • definition of UKTZED codes;
  • submitting a customs declaration;
  • provision of all necessary data on cargo to a specialized higher body;
  • cargo escort at all stages of customs clearance, etc.
  • Where to order the services of a customs clearance agent in Lviv

Where to order the services of a customs clearance agent in Lviv

PE “First Brokerage Company”, having in its arsenal the best specialists in customs clearance in Lviv, experience in solving many complex issues related to customs, offers its clients a wide range of consulting services in this field.

Our professional customs clearance agent will easily solve such issues as: customs clearance of any cargo, vehicle, calculation of the cost of customs clearance, export clearance, accreditation at customs and much more.

To clarify all questions regarding customs clearance and agent services, call +38 (067) 130 00 66 and +38 (067) 130 00 55.