Consultation of a customs broker

A domestic business that has close interaction with foreign partners quite often has to issue customs documents when importing goods across the border. The more often this happens, the more often there are various conflicting points that have to be resolved on the spot. But this is not always possible without knowledge of customs legislation. In order to avoid misunderstandings and difficulties, we offer you qualified consultations of a customs broker, after which you will have all the necessary knowledge to solve problems at customs and get through it faster.

On what issues are consultations provided by the customs broker

Our company brings to your attention experienced customs brokers who are ready to advise you on the following issues:

  • How to choose the optimal customs regime, route and scheme for importing goods;
  • How to smoothly pass through customs with goods and technical means;
  • How to correctly fill out documents at customs – declarations, etc.;
  • How to calculate customs payments;
  • What risks may there be when importing certain goods.

In addition, you will be able to learn everything about the legality of the requirements of the controlling authorities during customs clearance, how to send mail across the border, how to pay and return import and export duties, excise, VAT and much more. You will receive a qualified answer to any question regarding the EZ, as well as useful tips on passing customs control, which have been tested on your own experience.

Why should you use the advice of our customs brokers?

Our advantages:

  • We value your time: if you urgently need the advice of a customs broker, we will contact you literally within 15-20 minutes after the application;
  • A favorable price for a customs broker’s consultation – you pay a fairly small amount of money for valuable information, which will allow you to save money and time in the future;
  • We provide consultations by phone or in another convenient way, so you can use this service in any city of Ukraine;
  • The best option in terms of convenience, price and quality – we do everything quickly and professionally. Our brokers are competent in all matters that may relate to customs clearance and EZU.

How to order a consultation of a customs broker

Our company offers you qualified and comprehensive consultations of customs brokers in Lviv, Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine at a favorable price. To order the service, call us at +38 (067) 130 00 66 and +38 (067) 130 00 55, or leave an online request on this site, and we will contact you shortly.