Customs clearance of vehicles

Many citizens of Ukraine prefer cars from abroad. In order to import a car from another country, it is necessary to go through customs clearance. It will be difficult to clear the vehicle yourself, because you need to prepare a lot of documents and spend a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to use the services of a professional customs broker, who will help quickly resolve all issues and save your time and money.

The company “First Brokerage Company” offers a full range of services in the field of customs clearance of cars. High-quality broker services are provided by real specialists. By contacting professionals, you can be sure that the work will be done on time, taking into account all legal aspects. The company’s specialists will find the optimal opportunity for customs clearance, taking into account all the features. The experience of working with customs inspectors allows the employees of “First Brokerage Company” to act quickly and contribute to solving problematic issues.

Customs clearance of trucks

Customs clearance of freight transport is slightly different from customs clearance of passenger vehicles. Yes, trucks are divided into three categories:

  • Ordinary trucks with a platform (chassis) on which equipment can be installed – a tank, mixer or other. These vehicles belong to product heading 8704 UKTZED;
  • Cargo and passenger cars (vans). Depending on the model, they can be assigned to product heading 8703 (passenger vehicles) and cargo (8704);
  • Special cargo equipment – truck cranes, truck concrete mixers, etc. They belong to product heading 8705. Equipment of this group is not subject to excise duty, but duty and VAT must be paid.

For customs clearance of a truck, it is necessary that its environmental standard corresponds to the EURO-5 class or higher.

Customs clearance of temporary importation of cars

Temporary importation of vehicles into Ukraine by resident citizens is allowed for a period of up to one year, subject to payment of import duty and other taxes and fees provided for by law. If you need the services of a broker for customs clearance of temporary importation of a car, then you can leave an online application on this site and we will contact you shortly.

Why should you use the services of PE “First broker company”?

Customs services for the registration of a vehicle are provided by brokers “First broker company” comprehensively and in full. Clients receive turnkey customs broker services and cost savings thanks to cooperation with experienced professionals.

Advantages of cooperation with the First Brokerage Company:

  • Provision of turnkey complex customs services;
  • Works throughout Ukraine;
  • Full transparency in cooperation;
  • An affordable price for services that is agreed in advance, there are no hidden fees;
  • Optimal terms and convenience.

The cost of customs clearance of the car

The price of customs clearance of a car depends on many factors. First of all, from the year of manufacture of the car, the type and volume of the engine, the cost of the vehicle, which will be specified in the sales contract. A professional broker of PE “First broker company” will help you calculate the approximate cost of car customs clearance in advance. The cost of broker services is calculated individually for each client.

You can get more detailed information on customs clearance of cars, prices for the work of customs brokers and other issues online on this website or by phone numbers +38 (067) 130 00 66 and +38 (067) 130 00 55.