Re-export of goods

Re-export of goods is the export of goods back after their import, a situation that often occurs in foreign economic activity. For example, due to a detected defect or the goods were recognized as mistakenly imported into the customs territory of Ukraine. All goods that can be placed under the re-export regime are listed in the Customs Code of Ukraine.

What is required for re-export

To register a re-export operation, the subject of foreign economic activity must provide the customs office (customs broker):

  • Product documents;
  • Information for product identification;
  • Permission to export goods under this customs regime (for certain categories of goods).

The permit for the re-export of goods is issued by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine within 15 working days after submitting the application.

The permit is issued subject to compliance by the subject with the following conditions:

  • Goods for re-export are in the same condition in which they were imported into Ukraine;
  • The goods were not used in Ukraine;
  • Goods are re-exported no later than 6 months (180 calendar days) from the moment of actual import.

Re-export can be processed at any Ukrainian customs office. Customs duty is not paid when goods are exported under re-export conditions.

Services of customs brokers for re-export

Our company offers a full range of services for re-exporting goods from Ukraine:

  • Preparation of the contract for the procedure;
  • Control of documents at all stages;
  • Full organization of transportation of re-exported goods;
  • Preparation of customs declaration;
  • Preparation of declaration of arrival;
  • Installation of the UKTZED code;
  • Obtaining all permit documentation and more.

We handle re-export in various circumstances:

  • Re-export of goods imported to Ukraine under the temporary import regime;
  • Re-export of goods in connection with non-fulfillment of the conditions of the foreign trade agreement;
  • Re-export of goods imported under processing mode;
  • Re-export of goods imported under customs warehouse regime.

Broker services in re-export of goods: how to order?

If you need help in processing the re-export of goods in Ukraine, you can contact the “First Brokerage Company”. You can leave an application online on this website, or call us at +38 (067) 130 00 66 and +38 (067) 130 00 55. We guarantee qualified and timely assistance in processing re-export.