Warehousing services

Warehousing services very often contribute to the development of business and its normal operation, if the company does not have its own warehouses in different parts of the country. Using services of this type means investing in your business.

Advantages of warehouse storage services

High-level warehousing services in Lviv are provided by PE “Persha Brokerska Kompaniya”, which is engaged not only in customs clearance of goods, but also in their storage.

The “customs warehouse” service is in great demand and necessary in the field of foreign trade activities. This term involves the storage of customs goods in a specially equipped warehouse or an open area under customs control and even without costs in terms of customs payments. All warehouses of the “First Brokerage Company” are absolutely reliable and safe, and are suitable for industrial and food products. Every entrepreneur who needs warehouse services in Lviv will be able to appreciate the following advantages:

  • a warehouse equipped according to all requirements (including an alarm system);
  • heating in warehouses, which will preserve the goods in their proper form;
  • storage of goods in a customs warehouse;
  • temporary storage in a warehouse;
  • passing of transit goods through the customs warehouse;
  • batching, labeling, barcodes, palletizing, etc.;

Where to order warehouse storage services in Lviv

Warehousing services in Lviv at the best price are offered to its clients by PE “Persha Brokerska Kompaniya”, which has warehouse facilities for the following needs at its disposal:

  • customs warehouse;
  • temporary storage warehouse;
  • simple warehouse.

We do not have any restrictions on the weight, dimensions and type of cargo. Thanks to a coordinated automated system of working with cargo, qualified and experienced employees, modern warehouse equipment and accounting, as well as the principles of an individual approach to each client, you will receive a warehouse storage service in Lviv at the highest level for a fair price. For more information, call +38 (067) 130 00 66 and +38 (067) 130 00 55.