Customs brokers: impeccable legal literacy and efficiency

High-quality customs brokerage services are provided by specialists of Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” . Contacting a professional in this field is a serious time saver, saving you from trouble and confidence  that the work will be done considering account all legal aspects.

International economic activity is a complex business that requires knowledge of jurisprudence, Ukrainian and foreign legislation. Legally competent preparation of documents is the key to success when passing through customs.

Customs broker services in Lviv and throughout Ukraine

When choosing a customs broker, it is important to take into account his competences, experience working with foreign partners, and general reliability. The Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” group of companies is ideal for all parameters.

Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” professionals provide customs services, competently draw up cargo documents for customs control of cargo. The company’s brokers help draw up agreements for the supply of goods, advise on all issues until the finalization of cargo registration.

The main range of customs services provided by our specialists:

  • Broker’s assistance with temporary import/export of cargo;
  • Registration during transit of goods;
  • Accreditation at customs;
  • Consulting services regarding the selection of codes;
  • Calculation of the cost of import or export of goods;
  • Obtaining a EUR1 certificate;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Drafting and legal support of contracts;
  • Re-export and much more.

Professionals of the group of companies deal with customs clearance of goods, comprehensively solving the client’s tasks during customs clearance.

Customs brokerage clearance

Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” of companies carries out a full range of cargo customs clearance procedures.

Our specialists will advise at the stage of conclusion of supply contracts, during the preparation of documents after completion of customs clearance.

We carry out:

  • Provision of customs broker services: all types of cargo clearance at customs authorities;
  • Customs clearance in optimal terms in the customs regimes of import, export, transit, temporary import/export, etc.;
  • Accreditation at customs;
  • Clarification of the legal features of the application of various customs regimes;
  • Full support of foreign economic transactions: we will help draw up a contract and accompanying documents (invoice, packing list, CMR, TIR Book and others) in accordance with the requirements of current legislation;
  • Selection of product codes, full consultation on the selected code according to tariff and non-tariff regulation;
  • Calculation of the cost of customs clearance of cargo, planning of the estimate of customs costs for the cargo;
  • Obtaining all the necessary documents for passing the customs clearance procedure (certification, obtaining conclusions, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates, licensing and other permitting documents);
  • Consultations on the procedure for calculating and paying customs payments, the procedure for granting customs benefits and their conditions of validity;
  • Obtaining a EUR1 certificate for various product categories;
  • Clearance of cargo in the IM40EA mode, in which the vehicle with cargo can immediately go to the consignee’s warehouse upon crossing the border (there is no need to go to the customs terminal, it is required in the case of a customs inspection), which allows the subject to reduce financial costs for clearance and shorten the time for delivery;
  • Provision of customs warehouse services;
  • Settlement of customs disputes, appeals against illegal regulations and decisions of customs authorities.

ZAMMLER GROUP offers quality services of a customs broker who will work with legal entities and private individuals individually. The specialist studies the customer’s business in particular, finds the optimal opportunity for customs clearance for him, taking into account all the nuances of the client’s international activities. Established strong ties with customs inspectors allow us to act promptly. ZAMMLER’s goal is to contribute to the solution of the customer’s commercial goals.

Advantage of customs brokerage services from Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company”

Customs services are provided by brokers of the Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” of companies comprehensively and in full. Clients receive turnkey customs broker services in Lviv and throughout Ukraine and cost savings thanks to cooperation with experienced professionals. Our company representative at customs will be able to reduce the time of inspection procedures and obtaining permit documentation. Professionals undertake such operations of foreign economic activity as:

  • Cargo clearance;
  • Search for a suitable customs warehouse;
  • Analysis of transactions;
  • Consultations on certification and others.

Cooperating with Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company”, the client saves not only time. If he outsources customs services, he does not need a full-time customs broker. This is especially valuable if foreign economic activity is conducted by the company occasionally and customs brokers are turned to only in case of need.

Providing customs broker services, Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” adheres to the principle of full openness to clients. Over the years of successful work, communication with partners has been established, which allows for quick processing of documents.

Would you like to receive competent and prompt support during import-export operations? Contact Private Enterprise “First Brokerage Company” for customs services. We will provide professional advice, high-quality brokerage services and promptly solve all your tasks during customs control.